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This is a Relationship post for the character Miyabi/Miya from the game Okami.

This post is still under heavy construction and most likely will be for some time. Because of that - and my pension for silliness - please don't take the character quotes too seriously right now. ...Or anything I say here, for that matter. |D;;

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[Things have been pretty hectic around Luceti recently, and Miyabi's feeling pretty worn down from it. She herself hasn't been affected, but those she knows, those she cares about, have been affected, and it's consequently affecting her. She's coming back up to the cherry tree hill after a long walk, and sputters as something wafts in front of her face rather suddenly. Fffff--what in the world?!

...Oh. Oh my, she must not have noticed this morning - too occupied by her thoughts and worries - but the largest cherry tree is in full bloom, and a few of the pink blossoms are already starting to waft through the gentle breeze that's passing through. Oh, it's so picturesque...and a greatly welcome sight, too. How nice...maybe she'll sit a while and meditate here, to clear her head. Ah, wait a minute--

Huffing, she digs through her bag and produces her journal, flicking on the video and smiling into it.]

Hello, everyone. Uhm, I-I know many people aren't feeling very well right now...b-but I just wanted to say that the cherry blossoms here on the hill near the farmlands are in full bloom. If anyone's willing and able, or haven't seen them before, I suggest you should! It's a nice day, and I can tidy up the grounds, too. It's a perfect spot for a picnic, or to just sit and relax by. I'll be here for some time myself, so please don't be shy! I can prepare tea and snacks, too. The blossoms should remain for a few weeks, I think. [Longer, if she manipulates them with a brush skill.] They're really beautiful this year, too...

[And, like she said, Miyabi will be at the cherry tree hill for a while, meditating or just having a light lunch on a blanket spread out there. But after that, she's headed off into the forest - she's hoping to find a certain spirit...an important one. It takes a while, and she has to shush Faeren and Eferin respectively, but eventually Miyabi manages to contact Nala, at last.

So yes, anyone venturing through the forest may come across a young lady sitting on an old log, talking to thin air.]
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[It's been some time since the news of Nami's departure from Luceti was broadcast for everyone to hear, and since then, Miyabi's been rather quiet, keeping mostly to herself. She hasn't been in to work very much at the restaurant, instead spending her time in the forest, at home around the cherry tree hill, or at the small shrine there, just keeping herself occupied. Anything, really, just to get her mind off things, and to stop herself from staring listlessly at nothing, and concentrating on the pain and emptiness in her heart and soul.

Today, though, she has plans. So, after making herself bigger with the use of the Lucky Mallet, Miyabi trumps toward the mikan orchard, grudgingly allowing the little bouncing mallet to follow after her. She's holding her sword - braced on her shoulder - purposefully, and only gives little notice to the world around her. It's not a long walk, the mikan orchard is relatively close to the cherry tree hill, but making sure she's in the right place there is a little bit tricky. She aims for about the center-most point, where her eyes first look around at the rows and rows of trees, smiling as fond memories begin to bubble up to the surface of her thoughts. She had so many good times, cherished times, right here in this place. Some of her fondest, which she keeps closest to her heart. It's sad, that the one who's near her in almost all of them, is no longer near her anymore. And not even a word or action of parting.

That changes today. Right now.

Taking her blade into her sword arm with a bit of a twirl - she wants to do this with a bit of elegance and finesse - Miyabi points the calligraphy brush topping the hilt of her sword downwards, running it in a wide circle around herself, on the ground. At the same time, she channels Faeren's powers, having the filial spirit assist the powers of her own gods to really pull this off. The result, as the circle of black ink glows a soft, green light, is immediate. The glow pushes outwards from the circle, flowers bursting up from the grass, and the mikan trees exploding with their fragrant, white flowers. No fruit, just the delicate white of their petals. Divine Intervention, though it's not yet enough. One more little thing, to give Nami a proper send off.

Miyabi takes a deep breath, mutters a prayer - she's never done this skill properly before - and readies her brush again, but instead, fate intervenes. Or, really, a nosy and playful Luceti spirit. The sudden gust of wind nearly topples the poncle forward into the freshly made grass and flowers, but it gets the job done, scattering the white petals of the mikan blossoms outward, toward the village. She can practically hear the wind laughing, and looks around as the white petals fall like snow around her. Not what she expected, but just the right outcome in the end. Placing her hands together, Miyabi bows to the wind spirit in gratitude.

Thank you.

Finally, she seats herself on the grass and opens up her journal, clicking on the video as she begins to hum a little, and paints with a much smaller brush into her journal's pages. The humming soon becomes a song, as the ink from her brush flows into a painting of two people walking, side by side through the rows of fruit trees, with a brilliant sun gleaming high above.]

Though the flower petals are falling...they added color to the city...

[She's only sang this song to the general public once, when Amaterasu first left Luceti, but the message it holds, for anyone Miyabi cares about, is the same. She runs her hand through her shorter hair - now shoulder length - at one point in the song ("I would say 'goodbye' to my old self") and smiles gently as her eyes close, and as she continues to paint - only using one color for shading. Orange. When finished, Miyabi looks up to the shining sun, through the mist of falling white blossoms.]

Sayonara, Nami-chan. Kouun o inorimasu.


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[While Miyabi did hear about the Christmas party happening at the battle dome, ans while she usually attends and enjoys herself, she's decided to just keep to herself tonight. Enjoy a quiet night in by herself. Or, well, a quiet night out. After sprucing up the cherry tree hill a little bit with some Divine Intervention (and a little help from Faeren, of course), Miyabi bounds her way up to the higher branches of the tallest cherry blossom tree and sighs. The cool rush of wind blowing the snow in brilliant little circles is so wonderful to behold. She really is so much better suited for the winter, and it's rare that she really gets to just sit and appreciate the majesty of this season. It was so common, back in Nippon, that she never really thought twice about the cold and snow, or gave much praise to the ox god, but now she sees just how lovely the snow can be, and how at home she is in it.

After so quiet watching, Miyabi finally feels a spark of inspiration strike. She sets up some of her inks and paints, and begins to draw in her journal, her face serious and calculating as it's mirrored in the little camera. Stroke after stroke, sometimes a screw-up turned into a bit of scenery or the like, an image forms on the paper in her journal, and Miyabi looks rather pleased and satisfied. If there's one creature from home that she misses the most, it's definitely the cranes. She misses seeing them dance when trying to find a mate, and just seeing them in general. They were such amazingly beautiful birds... Maybe she can find something to read about them in the library another day. They were very popular with poets and story-tellers, after all. Speaking of which--]

I know it's very late, and most of you may be out, but...does anyone want to hear a story?
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[Miyabi hasn't been feeling well, ever since she heard about Luke's death. Any death was painful, especially of someone she was so close to, but at this point with both Luke and Asch having passed away so seemingly close together...and the draft and storm and everything else, she's feeling a bit drained. It's insane to think that she was so happy only a day or two ago - able to laugh and smile like anyone else could. But right now she just feels the need to crawl into bed and not come out for months. Her body felt heavy and sore all over, and she wasn't even sure she could shed another tear. She doesn't want to do anything.

And that's why she'll open her journal and take a deep breath, to steady herself and her voice. There's no way she'll be able to work like this, especially in the condition she's in, both physical and emotional. It'd just strain her more.]

[Pitifully Filtered to the Seventh Heaven Staff - 15%]

Mm...I--this is a message for the staff of Seventh Heaven. [She swallows, and exhales. Her voice is hoarse and broken, and the tone is dead.] This is Miyabi. I...I-I think I need some time off. I can't--...I haven't b-been feeling well lately.

I'm very sorry for the trouble it may cause.
[/End Filter]

[And that's that. She doesn't wait around for answers, and instead heads to the newly made shrine on the cherry tree hill where she lives, made by the SOS Brigade some time ago in spring. It, along with much of the area around the once lush hill, was broken and flooded. The paintings and scroll Miyabi made were strewn everywhere, and only a single one remains, perhaps by chance or something else completely, of Amaterasu, right under the alter for offerings. Miyabi curls up there, before the alter, and hugs her knees. She hides her face and just stays there, quiet and still and shaking all over.]
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[The morning of the 28th and following up to the 30th, anyone venturing out toward the farmlands may either see on be hailed by a petite and tiny figure. Upon closer inspection or investigation, they'll see that it's Miyabi - sized up and wearing a strange, new attire. She's always pushing up that feathered hat, and has a colorful whip tied to her hip, not her usual brushsword. Finally, instead of a pipe, she has a flute in her hand. Very strange.

She seems a bit distressed, given her pacing around the corrals and muttering to herself quickly and quietly. Anyone even remotely close by, or withing hearing distance, will be immediately flagged down. Why? Well, she has a request of you! And, if you help her out, she'll reward you generously! See, her prowess with the wilderness and its monstrous foes have ended up with her having a few...breeding couples. And she can't keep taking care of all the little cubs and kids and kits. So! Help her out with some work, and she might give you a pet!

From the 1st to the 2nd of May, Miyabi will have finally gotten all her work done and will be patrolling around the village, helping others with their own troubles and taking down a stray monster here and there. She'll be all over, on her own or with a few of her tamed beasties, looking for things to do, food to feed her animals, and new equipment. Hey, it takes a lot to care for these guys! She needs cash and equips and a lot of stuff! Being a beastmaster isn't exactly a walk in the forest here!

[OOC: Yep, Miyabi here is a beastmaster. She'll be NPC'd from the dates mentioned above and will be giving out small, baby animal pets. They won't attack monsters and stuff, but they'll pick up drops and stuff for you, maybe. Or, at the least, make you LOOK GOOD.

After that, she'll be wandering around looking for YOUR NPCs to do quests and stuff herself, since she's not part of a group or party.]
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[Well, she knew there would be side effects - that man was at least professional enough to tell her that much. Temporary side effects, he said, lasting from a few hours, to days, to even a week. She'll be completely fine after, like she never died.


Miyabi grumbles a curse under her breath, wobbling on her legs and feeling out the world around her, straining her senses to pick up where one could not. It was black, blacker than usual for her, and as she trips and falls to the pavement below, the girl growls, then whimpers quietly. She's tempted to rip off the bandages covering her eyes, her temporarily useless eyes, but instead grits her fingers into the snow and forces herself up once more.

This was the...fifth time she fell? Sixth? Miyabi could feels her knees, elbows, and palms stinging, and was sure they were probably raw and bleeding and dirty. She had no idea where she was going, really, she just wanted to get out and away from the tunnels as quickly as possible. To say being face to face with a Malnosso scientist, being aware that he would be experimenting on you, being drugged, and told not to worry....well. The exact opposite happened, once she woke, still groggy, sick, and worlds more sore than Miyabi had ever been in her life.

If she had her things, or was aware that she did, Miyabi would probably have called for help, but as it stands, she's without her bag or journal, stumbling through the square and dragging herself up. Her hand meets a firm surface of a building - whatever one it is she can't tell - and she follows her hand for a few steps before the pounding in her head gets too hard to bare, and she sinks to the ground, back against the cool stone.

Mm, she's never wanted to rest or just go home, or just cry this badly before. She must looks pretty pathetic...heh.]

[OOC: Hello, everyone! Miyabi's back from getting her Death Penalty removed and is temporarily blind for a few hours. |Db She's large and in the village plaza, against one of the many buildings there, and I don't mind for anyone in particular to find her (I don't mind breaking time and space). However, at the end of the day, she will be ICly staying with the Straw Hats at their house until she fully recovers, yes! /o/]
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[It's morning. Miyabi had neglected opening her journal for the time following the experiment for selfish reasons, just to calm down and gather herself. She still had to apologize to everyone, especially those she was closest to, but...she just was very afraid. With everything piled up onto her shoulders, getting yelled at would just break her even more. Sje was already getting better...slowly, but surely. The cracks of her death and its penalty, Ammy and Sanji's disappearances...the gripping ache was only just starting to quiet. It would take time to fully disperse, but...she is getting better.

Today, though, that progress will falter again. For today, Miyabi had sought out her one, single housemate in the tiny house at the giant cherry tree on the hill, Ammy's tree, where she now lived...with Issun. Miyabi had wanted to confess to her precious friend that she died, and could no longer see color of any kind (save for black, gray, and white), but when she entered his room...

Nothing. Everything was gone. All that remained was a messy work bench, some ink pots, and...paintings. Beautiful, awe-inspiring paintings from issun's hand. Miyabi hadn't seen his work is so long...three years? Yes, close to three years now, and even if it wasn't that long, for someone like her...the impact was still wonderful. And terrible, all the same. Just how did they really look? What colors were there? She wondered, idly, as her fingers brushed along the paper. Issun...she had waited, so long, to see him again. And he was stolen away.

Just like Ammy. And Sanji.

Miyabi's strength collapses, and so does she, onto her knees. This was the last straw, the last one. To no one, no one but the emptiness, she speaks, her voice weak, and brittle, and filled with pain.]

How much more...can you take from me?

[She reaches for her journal, tucked away in a pocket of her shirt, opens it, and speaks in that same grieving voice.] Issun is gone, to any of you that knew or met him. ...He didn't leave anything, I don't think. [For anyone she knows of, but she'll be keeping the ink, and the paintings, for herself. They're too important to give away.] And I...I'm sorry. for the experiment before. To...t-to everyone I hurt, or tried to hurt. ...I'm sorry.

[And she is, but it doesn't exactly show in her voice. She's just...just so out of it. Miyabi can't even wrap her head around all that has happened, to cripple her. This is too much, she can't...she just can't...

And so she retreats from her tiny house, bounds to the highest branch of the great cherry blossom tree, and...sits. She does nothing but sit and stare into the horizon. That dark, cold, gray horizon... Her little contest lasts a while, before she cracks her journal open with her thumb, not really thinking about it. Her mind is a fog, and she's just trying to get through it. In time, the tiny poncle will begin to sing. A slow, sorrowful song, as she watches the blossoms fall off the cherry tree. It lasted this long, but now it's finally dying...and she'll not intervene this time.

She has no idea, that the cracked open journal is on, and recording. And, really, she probably doesn't even care, either.]

Madokara mieru...

[OOC: Before I forget! This is kiiiinda a placeholder post of sorts, since I'll be heading off to bed, waking up early for work, then heading directly to our lake house after work. I should be back Sunday evening, so tags will come then if I don;t tag early tomorrow morning, before work. And I'll be bringing my laptop, too, to do schoolwork at the lake house, so if I can SOMEHOW grab a wifi connection, I'll tag a bit.]
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I'm... [Alive.] ...back. A-Amaterasu is g-gone. [Her voice cracks, and she holds the journal close as her eyes squeeze shut and she cries. Why? Why are you gone again? I need you right now! I need you!] I'm...s-sorry. For tro-troubling you all...

[Filtered to Nami some time later | 40%]

I'm oka

It's all ri

I'm sorry I couldn't

[Miyabi can't find words. Nothing feels good enough to say. So, instead, she just uses bloom on the journal to make a single sakura blossom manifest into Nami's journal, when she opens it. Miyabi is sorry. She's so, so sorry for failing.]
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[Ugh...her head hurt. Her head and back and muscles and entire god damn body hurt. Miyabi opened her eyes slowly, still groggy from her surprise kidnapping...some time ago, whatever day it was now, and looked around. Well, the forest still looked the same, which was good. She could navigate the forest easily, seeing as how she was in it so often.

Raising her head, Miyabi looks around, trying to get a good scope of just where in the forest she was. After a few minutes of thinking, and honestly just laying to let the sedatives run their course somewhat, Miyani makes an attempt to get up onto her feet. ...Needless to say her new body does not allow walking on hind legs for more than a few seconds.

The now small, white puppy whines as it tumbles over. She blinks, then raises a paw to gaze at it. Paws...okay, experimental tail wag--yup! She's got a tail, too. So this means that she's a wolf again. Okay! That's not too bad! Miyabi can deal with being a wolf again, she's done it before. The whole "four legged" thing shouldn't be too hard this time around. In fact, once Miyabi gets her bearings, she's walking pretty well, save for a wobble or two. Goddamn drugs...

Though, now that she looks around somewhat, things look really, really big around her. They weren't that big when she was a wolf before, even if she was small for a wolf... Whining curiously, the little wolf tries to find her journal, she even tries sniffing around for it, but...nope. Nothing. Fabulous.

All right, then, next order of business. It doesn't matter how big or small she is, the Malnosso took her with her sword this time, and she wants Sumomo back RIGHT NOW. She even gives a soft, little growl as she thinks about it. Those jerks...they put her in a jar. A JAR! Like a bug! And if they chipped her sword...or worse... Putting a surefire spring in her step, the small puppy whizzes through the forest and towards the village. She can smell people and foods getting closer and closer, so she knows it's the right direction. Distracted by the smells of the bakery for only a minute or two (aaah, so delicious~ ♥), Miyabi makes a beeline for the smithy, where her sword should be. Hopefully it wasn't tiny...she could carry it back in her mouth if the Malnosso returned it there at a decent size.

Once she arrives at the smithy, tail wagging with anticipation, Miyabi scratches at the door, whining and pawing at it. Aaah...she can't reach the handle! And she's too little to just...barge in. Plus, that's rude! And not to mention kinda dangerous... Thankfully, though, she gets distracted by her reflection in the shop window, and nearly trips over her own tail.


A...tiny Ammy. Was this what Ammy looked like when she was a puppy? ...Was she ever a puppy? Could goddesses grow like people do? 8|a Miyabi pressed her nose, and face, against the glass, perhaps smearing a large, wet line with her nose. Do enjoy that, smithy workers.

Oh, and please let her in, she's on a mission. Food would be nice too, but she won't beg like her larger, tubbier counterpart.]

OOC Message. )
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[Today, Miyabi had finally made the trip she wanted to make to the ocean to see it for the first time. She had sized herself up for the quick journey via the teleporters (the one Asch and Luke broke should be fixed by now. 8|) but made the journey alone. It wasn't just to enjoy the scenery this time, even if it was beautiful, but to sit and think. It was quiet here, and only the roll and crash of the waves and the occasional cry of a gull were present. A perfect place to sit and think, and stare out at the horizon.

Two friends, family, were gone and another two had been tampered with to a point in time that they no longer remembered her. It was painful, overly so, and Miyabi had to get away from the village and the memories and everything that reminded her of those people she cared for, who no longer were with her, or knew who she was. The two that remained would remember her in time, but the wait itself was long and unbearable. Especially with Luke, and his abrasive nature...it took a great deal of patience to deal with him in this state. Patience Miyabi didn't have with her anger toward the Malnosso. She didn't want to lash out at someone she considered a brother just because he was different. She just...just...

She needed someone to be here. Someone special, who wouldn't talk, and just listen. Someone who didn't need words to understand. Someone who would just be content with being there for a little while.

But how was she supposed to get Ammy's attention out here? The wolf barely responded to her journal, and Miyabi didn't know a skill strong enough to catch her attention. So, as she flicked a bit of bread into the sand from her bag, waiting for a gull to come close enough to snatch it up, she made a request.

"Please find a white wolf. There are two here - it's the smaller of the two, with one tail. Tell her to come to the ocean, please. A...a friend needs some company."

After that was done, she hesitated, then took out her own journal and scribbled a quick message. First, to someone important, who she hadn't seen in some time.]

[Written | Filtered to Issun - 85%]

How are you doing? If you want, maybe we could paint together some time. Or spar! I bet you're really bored, right?

[Then, to the rest of the village--]

What was your favorite thing to do back where you came from? Or here in Luceti. [A distraction, really, as she waits for Ammy. Plus, she is curious.] Back home, aside from painting, my friends and I would bounce on the tops of mushrooms and see who could bounce the highest. And sometimes we'd have snow fights in the Oina village, too. Or roll snowballs and see who'd make the biggest - a lot of the Oina children liked to do that with us.

[Miyabi keeps her journal open, in case of voice replies, but lays down on the warm sand in the shade. It was insanely hot again today, but she didn't want to go into the water, unless someone close by - who she knew - dragged her in. Dozing off in the shade seemed much better, until Ammy got here, if she did. Or, say, someone else happened to be passing through.]
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[Ammy is back. Ammy is back. It's been just a day or so since the white wolf has returned, but that's all the time Miyabi needed to soak in that fact. She was here again. Selfish though her desire was, it was good to have the wolf back again. She wouldn't thank the Malnosso for dragging her back here, but she would thank good fortunate, and show her gratitude to it. Plus, Ammy deserves a warm welcome, and a hug and a pet just...doesn't cut it. Not in Miyabi's mind.

Hehe, spoiled...

It's early. Too early, even. The sun's not even up, yet, but it should be in just a moment. Miyabi's ready for when it finally does, though. Atop the larger cherry tree, nestled between the luscious pink blossoms of the highest branches, she waits for the sunrise. Her hands grasp a long, polished bamboo flute tightly to her chest. It was left over from the previous experiment. ...She could play it then. Just two songs, but she could actually play them. One was important to her, and the other...


The sun began to peek its rosy fingers just above the mountains, and a good gust was just passing by, scattering petals on the wind. Miyabi took a deep breath, and pressed the flute to her lips. She wasn't sure if she could still do this, she'd never learned the flute in her own reality after all, but the notes flowed like the wind, and her fingers glided over the polished wood with skill and determination. She had her journal beside her, open and welcoming her song. Her gratitude, her thanks, her faith, her pride, her love.

Thank you.

Once the song is done, the tiny poncle greeted the dawn with a big, happy smile, mumbled something along the lines of "the sun rises" into her journal before snapping it shut, then set to work. She bounded down the tree, going to gather the paintings she had been preparing before this day, then hip-hopped her way to town and threw them to and fro. Some of the paintings she tucked into doors and windows (mostly those of her friends), but the majority just blew on the wind - light and warm and free.

By the end of her little mission, it's well into the morning, and Miyabi's resting and warming herself on a large sunflower, pleased with...well, just about everything right now.

Good morning, Luceti.]
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[Good day, Luceti! I bet some of you may be pretty weirded out by your new surroundings, aren't you? Well, don't you worry your little heads, everything here is totally normal! Yup, the massive, white and red dragon curled comfortably in between Good Spirits and Seventh Heaven, sleeping away and probably blocking off the street, is totally normal.


Just don't wake it up too quickly, this particular dragon has a teensy bit of a temper. Though you probably would too, if you had been kidnapped recently and dropped into the chilly air! There really aren't many places where a dragon can warm itself around here. Not without breaking something, at least.

Anyone looking close enough, though, will see a pair of dull brown wings on its back, carefully tucked down. A very familiar pair of wings that, in the sunlight, would glisten and shine with a brilliant array of colors. But if that doesn't ring any bells, the journal squished under the dragon's long, scaly tail has a name on it - Miyabi.

Care to welcome the little painter back home?]

[OOC: Yup, Miya's back! And her...affliction is that she'll randomly turn into one of her thirteen brush gods. Meaning she can be a dragon one minute and, say, a horse the next. She will have the brush gods' powers, but those that do serious damage (ice, fire, lightning) will be dulled down to the extreme.

Tags will come from [livejournal.com profile] niponpettinzoo. I'll try to tag as much as I can tonight, but I feel kinda bleh - ate too much at dinner, DERP - so I might get to them tomorrow if not today.]
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[Backdated to the 14th]

[Everyone's been talking about this Valentines Day thing for quite some time, and Miyabi remembered how much fun - and chocolate - she had around that time before. Unfortunately, trying her hand at making chocolates ended in pure disaster, and the smokey, charred chaos that was her pots and pans. Thankfully, she restored most of the damage in the kitchen with a flick of her brush, but the smell, and the smoke...well, that was harder to get out. And plus, her clothes were now ruined.

But! She had a better idea! After changing into something a little more appropriate for the holiday (a ruffled red top and a white skirt, held up with a black belt), Miyabi headed over to Seventh Heaven and got questioned by the head chef decided to baked some cookies for the people she knew. As soon as she got them all baked (and gave Sanji his first), Miyabi headed out to deliver them. If she knows you, even a little bit, expect a visit sometime within the day from the chipper young painter. Despite her chocolate horror, which will never be spoken of, she seems in especially good spirits. Everyone seemed so happy, and it was definitely rubbing off.

After she's done delivering all her gifts to people she knows and cares about, she'll head right on over to Ammy's cherry tree. She leave a few treats at the base, clasps her hands together, and says a prayer for the goddess. Then, with...a bit of help from Faeren, she paints numerous circles around some of the tree's branches with her brush, making the dying blossoms burst to life once more in a colorful, pink display.]

Mm...much better!

[OOC: Miya her is unaffected! So feel free to tag to your heart's content! And catch her wherever. But people she has even just a little CR with, you are getting that gift one way or another. Resistance is futile. 8|

Also, tags to come after I run some errands. |Db]
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[Experiments are a pain, aren't they? Especially the body-changing type, yupyup. You know what really suck about them, though? They can just happen at any old time of day.

That's right, as Miyabi was heading toward the bar to deliver a bottle of Kushi's last sake - she found two in Kushi's abandoned mill home and decided to keep one bottle herself - she has turned a corner and...changed. Of course, she had no idea and kept walking, but the moment she glanced out of the corner of her eye, thinking she saw him her heart and body stopped. Miyabi turned around, quickly, to face the image of a young boy with a ponytail and peculiar clothing, staring at him.]


[That's when it hit her. That wasn't her most precious person staring back at her, that was her very own reflection in a shop mirror. Her face immediately paled and she threw up her hands, which had been cradling the sake bottle (which thankfully lands in a pile of snow, unharmed), and her journal tumbled to the floor to catch her loud scream.]


[Anyone in the general vicinity of the central plaza, feel free to go harass the short, strangely-dressed, screaming boy. Or, you know, you can catch him as he hurries into the bar, throws the sake bottle into the arms of whoever's available with a "pleasetakecareofthis!" and tries to hurry back out again.]

[OOC: Yep, Miya turned into Issun for the event, so replies will come from [livejournal.com profile] idiot_bug and so clarify, yes, she is big right now. She will not stay that way for the duration of the event, though. She's way too embarrassed.]
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[Miyabi had been busy these past few days. Despite the insanity of the war – she had lit incense and said a prayer for those who lost their lives (even if they had been returned already or not, respects had to be paid) – and those few days she…could not remember at all. This was her second “Christmas” in Luceti, and she had presents to give to her various friends and acquaintances.

So, donning her new green cape, and finding a wandering deer to hitch a ride with, the little bug, her taxi, and her bundle of gifts are prancing through Luceti delivering packages to her friends’ houses left and right. She had thought to take the mallet and get bigger, but the little hammer just kept bouncing around the trunk of Ammy’s tree playfully, with her chasing it, before she got fed up and left. Stupid mallet.

She and her little deer friend will be stopping at many different places today, and throughout the village. The larger gifts, for her closer friends, will be delivered to their homes, but stop by and chat, she has small trinkets for even her acquaintances!

The following people will get... )

Any and all of her acquaintances will receive a ceramic charm painted with the rising sun on it, as well as the kanji for "heaven" painted neatly in the top right corner. A good luck charm.]
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[Okay, seriously? While Miyabi is thankfully not hopping around town left and right this time - opting to stay in the branches of Ammy's tree IN CASE ANYONE GETS ANY FUNNY IDEAS B| - she is still dumbfounded by all the new people plodding through the snow.

The people, that is, without wings. Clearly this is not your everyday New Feather cycle. And, strangely...she feels like this has happened before, long ago. Huh. Surely that can't be right.

She's still kind of recuperating from the previous draft, coming away with only a few scrapes and bruises, and a longer cut on her cheek that has a bandage over it, but she'll be watching the people shuffle by under the pink blossoms of the huge sakura she's been keeping safe and in bloom, looking out for any possible familiar faces.

...Or anyone she can dump snow on, ohoho~

But first, a tentative voice post to the actual Lucetians. More importantly the ones she knows who were drafted. Filter time!]

[Filtered to Sanji, Nami, Zoro, Luke, Asch, Guy and Ginko - 70%]

How is everyone doing?

[And once that's over with, she addresses everyone else in Luceti over the journals.]

...Are there supposed to be this many people here? Wh-Why don't they have wings? Did we do something wrong?

[OOC: Just letting everyone here know I have an exam to take around 1pm today, so I obviously won't be around until after that, when my day is COMPLETELY free after, and into the following day as well! I'll put up posts for my other characters as well, but the same thing applies to them, too, obviously.]
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[Miyabi woke with a start, finding herself sitting on a rock in the snow, leaning against her sword and sheath. Rubbing her eyes, she caught a glimpse of something shimmering off to the side. Wh-What--]


[What in the--oh...oh, that's right. She'd made herself bigger the previous day, to practice...for the war. Miyabi closed her eyes, and forced the sobering news and that Malnosso person's words to rouse her awake. Sanji, Nami, Luke, Asch, Guy, Ginko...there were so many of her friends going. She couldn't sit around and sleep.

But she didn't want to hurt anyone, either. Sure she could cut demons and evil spirits, but...it was self defense. She knew those things would kill her if she didn't act first. Would this be the same? What exactly was she up against?

Heaving herself up by using her sword as a third leg, the girl winced as her back made a loud pop. Nrrgh, what an uncomfortable position to sleep in... Not gonna do that again soo--okay, so she probably would, given the Skill she was practicing was absolutely draining. Even more so than Rejuvenation, but perhaps the most useful skill in the Celestial Brush's arsenal.

The ability to slow down time - Veil of Mist.

Miyabi looked around, and blinked when she spotted the battledom only a few meters away. She gave it a scathing glare, remembering how she fought with it just to get it to work before kicking the damn thing and storming out. ...Her foot still hurt.

So, anyone on their way there, perhaps to do some training for themselves, will find Miyabi in close proximity, within a deep outcrop of trees, practicing her skill. Two horizontal lines hover in thin air, then spread slowly, like a thick, white mist. Anyone around will definitely see the mist, and feel oddly heavy, like their movements have slowed...that time has slowed.

But it only lasts a second, and the girl is breathing hard before she tries again.

That will last for an hour, given there are no huge interruptions, before Miyabi wipes her face free of sweat, wobbles on her feet a little, and grabs her journal. She tries to write, but her vision is as foggy as the area around her. So she just clicks on the voice, half panting out.]

Does anyone...fight with...a k-katana? Or just a sword. I'd...r-really like to...practice. [A deep breath, followed by a sigh.] I'm...r-right by the...battle thing.

...Thank you.


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